Run to me

I want you to run to me. I want you to be somewhere distant and then have the realization sweep over you that the most important thing in the next moments would be to run into my arms. I want you to act upon that thought and reject letting go of that idea until actualized. … More Run to me

Monotonic Grey

The sun has risen, but there’s a constant grey hue permeating everything. Light is everywhere as I step outside; my body feels it, but it’s not the same as if there were cascades of beams making their way through shrouds of branched leaves with┬áthe whispers of wind amongst them. This is colder, this is different. … More Monotonic Grey

The Box

Let’s protect ourselves. Let’s put the feelings and the absolute truth in a box. Let’s open the box to let the things out when we cannot stand the isolation anymore. Let’s quickly close the box again. Let’s wait for our isolation.

The In Between

He didn’t know when she would arrive, and it was already late. Last Saturday, the week before, they were in bed, clothed, simply having a moment of quiet after a long hard week. He had finally had a successful week with the code he was working on, making salient contributions to his new team, and things were just starting to fall in place. … More The In Between