Run to me

I want you to run to me. I want you to be somewhere distant and then have the realization sweep over you that the most important thing in the next moments would be to run into my arms. I want you to act upon that thought and reject letting go of that idea until actualized. The passion you give me will be reciprocated in-kind, and I too, will run. I will run to you as if you’re the most important thing in the world and I will dote on you and discover closeness and connection as our hearts and bodies close in together, washing away the mundane grime of each day and afford ourselves a revelation in the purity and warmth of our connection.

The world and its noise and its distractions and its man-made amusement may pass us by, but we’ll have each other, guiding each other purely by true nature and being.

Let us truly be together.

Let’s let all the other distractions be.

Let’s run to each other.

Run to me.

As I run to you.

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