Monotonic Grey

The sun has risen, but there’s a constant grey hue permeating everything. Light is everywhere as I step outside; my body feels it, but it’s not the same as if there were cascades of beams making their way through shrouds of branched leaves with the whispers of wind amongst them.

This is colder, this is different.  The wind is strongly onshore and the sea unorganized, and this Western edge, almost desolate.  I see a Chinese woman up against the top of the sea wall, performing her seemingly daily machinations: She hops up and down, then swings her slapping arms against her back, and then moves to fists-clenched patting down her opposing arms.  I realize that this is probably her way to self-medicate areas that need awakening and stimulation, in an effort to make herself healthy and whole.

I feel lost and undecided and wonder what will be my in-kind machinations today that make me feel better and whole and alive.  What will be the source of colored light with more spectrum and warmth that mixes in with this grey that affords balance and contentment.  It will be something…. but, like this woman, it must come from within.

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